DIY Painting or Hire a Professional? Weigh the Options Before You Decide

Painting your home is a great summer project that revives its appeal and style, making everyone in the household more comfortable and giving the house added value. You’ll love the house a little more after it is painted. However, the question remains if you should DIY or hire someone to handle the work?

DIY Painting

DIY painting may seem like a good choice. After all, avoiding professionals always saves money. Or does it? Before deciding that DIY painting is the best option, consider a few important factors.

First, the supplies needed to paint can be expensive to purchase if you do not already own them. You’ll also need items specific to the paint job, including primer and brushes. Then, add in the costs of rollers, the paint, and your time.

Many people choose to paint the house themselves because they have extra time on the weekend and feel that it saves them an abundance of money. They’re prepared with the tools to get the work done.

How Much Will Professional Work Cost?

Although a DIY paint job may very well save money, this is not true for every household. Weigh the costs of the job before you choose to DIY against the cost of professional handyman services near me in indianapolis in.

There are many factors that determine the cost of the job. Those factors include:

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·    Do you need interior or exterior painting?

·    Which company will you hire?

·    How many walls/areas need to be painted?

·    What supplies will you need?

On average, homeowners spend $950 to $2,000 on an interior paint job if they hire a professional. Expect slightly higher costs for an exterior paint job. If you DIY, chop those costs in half.